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Our Original Yak Chews are an all-natural, long lasting, edible cheese treat for dogs. They are handmade from farmers in the Himalayan Region of Nepal, then packed with love in Arizona.

Original Yak Chews have only 4 ingredients: Yak milk, cow milk, lime juice and salt.  The lactose is removed from the chew during the curing process, making the chews lactose free, grain free and gluten free.  They are also free of chemicals, preservatives and added flavors, making them a great choice for pups with sensitive stomachs or allergies.

Our Story

From the Heart of Nepal

Our yak cheese chews have a rich history deeply rooted in the Himalayan region of Nepal. For generations, these chews have been a staple treat for dogs, cherished for their natural ingredients and long-lasting nature.

Originating in the picturesque landscapes of Nepal, our chews are made using traditional methods that have been passed down through the years. Local artisans carefully source and craft each chew, ensuring that the time-honored process is preserved in every bite.

By choosing our yak cheese chews, you’re not only giving your pets a wholesome treat but also supporting the communities in Nepal that have been a part of this tradition for centuries.

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Why Choose Our Yak Cheese Chews?

Yak Cheese Chew's Origin

Yak Cheese Chew's Origin

The healthy, Original Yak Chew has been handmade in Nepal for thousands of years. It was originally made for human consumption. To this day, Nepalis and farmers in the Himalayan region use it as a portable snack while traveling in the mountains.

How Yak Cheese Chews are made

Farmers take the milk from yaks and cows and squeeze out the water. They then add a pinch of salt and lime juice and smoke the cheese for a couple months. This process gives the Original Yak Chew a great smoked taste that your dogs will love.

Health Benefits

Our Original Yak Chews are naturally rich in protein and calcium, which is great for healthy muscle and bone growth. The curing process removes lactose from the milk making Original Yak Chews fully digestible, lactose free, grain free, chemical free and preservative free. No added flavors, no GMO’s, no odor, no mess! Great for dogs with sensitive stomachs and with chicken, beef, pork, and grain allergies.

Dental Benefits

Original Yak Chews soften with the dog’s saliva, encouraging chewing which reduces tartar and plaque build up on dog’s teeth and gums. This helps put a stop to bad doggy breath. Original Yak Chews hard consistency make them a long lasting chew for teething puppies and bored or anxious chewers.

Don’t you think it’s time to give your best friend the healthy, best tasting dog chew….The Original Yak Chew. They will reward you with lots of kisses.

How To

Make Cheese Puffs At The End of An Original Yak Chew




Soak In Hot Water

Soak the end piece of the Yak Cheese Chew in HOT water for 5 minutes.



Then, put the piece in the microwave on high for 1 minute or less.


Ready to Eat

The Yak Cheese Chew will puff up into a cheese treat your dog will love!


Our Happy Customers

    Charlene Harris Scott

    I bought these chews for our 6.5 lb Shih Tzu/Pomeranian mix and she loves them. Even better, they do not upset her tummy!

      Laurette Koester-Johnson

      They last a long time and our dog loves them! We are lifetime buyers now.

        Sara Souza

        They are simply amazing, can't believe how well they are cleaning my 5 yr old dogs teeth. Even her vet said she had minimal tartar and her teeth looked great!

          Shannon Galarneau

          My Saint Bernard absolutely loves his yak chew. Even more surprising that he wasn't able to eat it all in one day. He has had us for 5 days now and is still working on it. Will be ordering more!!

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          Treat your pets to the exceptional goodness of Original Yak Chews. Order now and let your pets savor the authentic taste of the Himalayas while enjoying a healthy and satisfying treat.

          Invest in their joy. Choose Original Yak Chews today.


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